Treats for the Carpet Cleaner!

Yesterday I had my local carpet cleaning guys round to spruce up the carpets and chairs. They did a great job so I wanted to reward them around lunchtime with a little Mediterannean-style snack.

Here’s something I cobbled together that works well with my low-carb diet but still makes a tasty mouthful. There’s a reasonable amount of fat because of the cheese, but personally I believe sugar does far more harm to the body than fat!

These little beauts take five minutes to put together, 10 minutes in the oven and you’re done. Made so simple because Sainsbury’s now do ready-sliced butternut squash slices – so, so handy!

You’ll need a pack of sliced butternut squash, or if that’s not available, just slice your own, but it’s a lot more fiddly!  They need to be quite thin, about 3mm preferably.  Take a jar of salsa – I use the cool variety but you can spice it up by using something hotter, or even add a chopped jalapeno. Then simply top with very thinly sliced cheese (I use strong cheddar). Or you can use grated cheese, or experiment with other cheeses, but I reckon you need one with a bit of flavour.

For bite-size, mini low-carb “pizzas” cut each squash slice into 6 squares and place on a baking sheet. Then add a small dollop of salsa and cover with a little cheese. I like to use enough cheese that it spreads out from the squash, leaving a lattice of cooked cheese around the edge.

Pop into the oven for about 8-10 minutes on 180 degrees. Leave for a minute or so before removing to a plate with a fish slice.

These are really delicious, but you could vary them by adding other delights such as crisp crumbled bacon or a little ham, a slice of pepperoni or absolutely anything that you could put on a pizza.

Of course, for a larger “pizza” that you can eat with a knife and fork, leave the squash slices whole and top to your heart’s content!

If you don’t like squash, then these work with slices of courgette, though you’ll get a slightly wetter “pizza”, albeit still delicious.

Well the carpet cleaners loved them!



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