Med-style Roast Vegetables

In a way this isn’t that far removed from grilled vegetables, but it tastes completely different and at the moment is my very favourite everyday recipe.  Many thanks to my friend Brad who introduced me to this delicious way of serving mixed vegetables. Brad is a great cook, though by trade he’s a tree surgeon with his own company called

For this recipe you need a variety of vegetables and I include some that may not be used in a typical Mediterranean home. The ingredients will vary depending on the time of year as during the winter I would include more root vegetables.

But since it’s June as I write, I’ve been preparing my roast vegetables using new potatoes (preferably Jersey), sweet potatoes and carrots as the base. I preheat the oven to about 180 degrees and heat my roasting pan while I prepare the veggies.  Scrub them and cut into pieces about half an inch across.  Take a large mixing bowl and add some virgin olive oil, then toss the root vegetables in the oil before spreading out in the hot pan.

Roast these for around 10 minutes or so whilst you prepare the remaining vegetables.

You can choose any seasonal vegetables, but I include onion, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers of any colour and asparagus.  Again cut them into half inch pieces and toss them in olive oil.

Now I fry the second batch of vegetables for a few minutes to soften a little and just start to get a brown colour. Then add them into the pan with the root vegetables and season them all with salt and pepper. It’s best if there’s enough room to make a single layer so they brown nicely rather than steaming.

Leave in the oven a further 10 to 15 minutes, turning occasionally until everything is nicely browned.

These roast vegetables go beautifully with a nice steak, chicken or even sausages. Makes a healthy and filling meal.




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