Mediterranean Vegetable Platter

This !isn’t a recipe blog but more a collection of ideas for eating and living in a way that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean area. I’ve been reading just today that eating more healthy fats – eg olive oil – can actually help you lose weight.

One of the most simple but delicious meals that I have whenever we visit Spain is a vegetable platter. It’s really nice to have if you’ve been eating too much heavy food or been overdoing it with sugar or alcohol!

Often I make this simple dish in the UK, but I tend to add meat to make it into a more substantial meal – maybe a chicken breast or a salmon fillet.

All I do is take a selection of suitable vegetables and slice them about 1/4″ wide. I generally cut vegetables across, but something like courgettes can be cut at an angle to make each slice that much bigger. I use aubergine, onion (sliced a bit thinner), courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, whole asparagus and halved large tomates.

Place all the veggies into a large mixing bowl and add a glug of olive oil. Then mix it all together until all the vegetables are well covered in the oil. This seems to be a better method than dribbling oil over them, since it ensures they are lightly but well covered.

Now arrange the vegetables on a grill pan. I find that courgettes take the longest, so I give them a brief grilling before adding peppers and onions. After a few more minutes I add the rest of the vegetables and grill everything on both sides until golden.

I think the Spanish dribble more olive oil over the cooked veggies, but I’m not sure whether they coat them before grilling. I’ve tried to grill them without oil but they tend to dry out, so the method above works for me.

Serve nicely spaced on a platter and you could add a wedge of lemon.

It’s certainly not a complicated way to serve vegetables and only takes about 20 minutes to cook, but somehow this dish has the flavours and feel of the Med and of course it’s very healthy too.

I don’t know whether this type of dish would be served all over Spain but it’s certainly popular in the province of Alicante, where we holiday several times a year.


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