Med-style Potato Salad

This is a potato salad that is totally different from the stuff you buy in a supermarket, full of mayonnaise and not particularly healthy.  If you like the fresh flavours delivered by a typical Mediterranean diet, then you’ll love this.

Scrub about 1/4 kg of new potatoes and cut into chunks. Cook in lightly salted water until tender.

Meanwhile heat a small amount of olive oil in a pan and gently fry a small sliced onion until soft. Add oregano and garlic to taste and fry gently for a further 2 minutes.

To the onion mixture add a good portion of skinned cherry tomatoes (pour boiling water over them in a bowl and leave for a minute until they’re easy to peel. Also add half a grilled and skinned red pepper, roughly chopped.

Simmer the mixture for about 10 minutes (you may need to add a little water or tomato juice of the cherry tomatoes don’t contain enough liquid.

Once everything is ready, mix it together and top with a few chopped olives.  Serve warm or cold.

This transforms barbequed meat, giving a lovely fresh taste and turning your event into a Mediterranean delight!

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